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Today I come to you with a makeup tutorial post. As we all know, we will be celebrating Easter this Sunday and Monday. In this post I w...

Today I come to you with a makeup tutorial post. As we all know, we will be celebrating Easter this Sunday and Monday. In this post I will show you a simple makeup you could do on a daily basis or for events. I like to call this look Dreamy.

Let's go.
This is my bare face! and I'm not afraid to show it *Show it show it ....
First of all I start by applying my base. I use the Catrice, Prime and Fine

This base is an Anti shine, and it primes and unifies the skin color. I usually use the normal base, but in the case you have redness you want to hide, you could use the green primer

After the base, I wait for few seconds and then I apply the foundation, for this look I decided to go with the Elizabeth Arden foundation for a flawless look and skin.
The skin after the foundation.
Once the foundation is well blended and all lines are gone, I would use a lighting concealer.

I used to use my YSL luminous radiance, but the price range is highly expensive, I now use the L'Oreal - Dream Lumi Touch. - and you can say it's a DUPE for the YSL
Usually I use it on few spots of the face and I don't use it as a covering concealer, especially in winter/spring.

I put it under the yes, under and between the eyebrows, on top of the cheeks, I draw a line on the nose and above and below the lips. I use this technique to illuminate the face and to give it a healthier look.

Since I'm done with all that, I would fix everything with a compact powder. I use the SLA Paris Fixing powder. I apply it using my Real Techniques powder brush.(I got my brush from Sephora - Dubai, but now you ccan find it in any Centrepoint Shop)

Once I'm done with the face as a whole, I start with the marking my eyebrows.

For the brows I use the Rimmel London Eyebrows pencil in the color "hazel". I love everything that makes my life easier, like in that pencil with the spoolie, whenever I draw my brows I can brush them without having to hold ten thousand brushes.

For this look I went for a "naked" cat eye without any eye shadow
This is so far THE BEST eye liner I have used in ages, it draws a perfect dark black line, doesn't dry quickly and comes in very handy, which is great for people who likes to have a well drawn black line.

When it comes to lashes, I LOVE long dark lashes, but I do not have the patience to have fake lashes and being this "lazy", I found the replacement and the result is simply AMAZING!

Ladies and Gents meet Mr. Perfect lashes

This is my TooFaced "Better than Sex" Mascara. I JUST AND SIMPLY LOVE IT!!!! I have never loved a mascara as much as I love this one. The lashes are long, dark, full and well shaped.

I decided to use 2 additional layers of another mascara that I hold dearly. It's from the brand Benefit. It finally arrived to Lebanon.

I love everything that's small and tiny. I think it would fit anywhere without taking too much space, the smaller the item is the more I can put in my handbag.

The last steps are the steps I love the most.

For those who know me, know my love and addiction to contouring. And whenever I have the chance to buy contouring kits I would.

The newest magic maker I bought is my Anastasia Beverly Hills powder contouring kit. OH MY GOD *I sounded like Janis from FRIENDS* PERFECTION at its best. The colors that goes with all skin color, it lasts for hours and it blends perfectly.

A look is never complete without the lipstick.

I always had issues and complexes with my lips. I had big lips since forever, and when I was younger people used to make fun of me and I hated this part of my face until the day I learned to accept it and live with the and use them for my benefit.

For this look I decided to use pastel pink colors for the lips. I used the NYX lip liner that I always use, this color is perfect in summer, in winter, in spring and in fall. I would use it any season at any time. and to accentuate the color and the texture of the lips I used my MAC - Twig (vintage pink color).


The only animal that accepts to be held and the only animal that loves the camera

I hope you enjoyed this post.
Catch me soon with a new post.
I would love to know your comments regarding this look.
Have a beautiful day, and a calm night.

Special Thanks:
Tilou Makhoul - My lovely sister in law and photographer
Cliff Makhoul - My dear brother for allowing us to use the house with all the mess we created
Champy - For standing me

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  1. What a wonderful tutorial ! I'm totally in love with it :)
    You look so beautiful.
    And I need the Anastasia countour kit... It's on my wishlist for way too long now !

    1. Hello hello.
      Thank you <3 <3 <3

      If my parents didn't go to the states I wouldn't have owned it!! so it's all because of my mom! haha ...

      Much much love <3