[AccordingToMoi] TwentyEight!

Today's my BIRTHDAY! Today's supposed to be a very special day because it's my birthday and it's supposed to be sp...

Today's my BIRTHDAY!

Today's supposed to be a very special day because it's my birthday and it's supposed to be special because you have officially lived for X amount of years. Throughout these years you learn to see, hear, accept and forget!

Personally I learned a lot more. I learned to be, to exist, to live the moment and enjoy it till the last second. It is known for a fact that the older you get the wiser you become, and I must admit it, this saying is completely true. Look at your parents, your grandparents, your mentors, the older they get, the more you want to look up for them and you go to them asking for an advice.

Growing up, I was always eager to learn from life, and today I come to you with a post in which I'll talk about 28 things I learned during these 28 years: [Not in order though]

01- Spend your time with your family and loved ones as much as you can, for you don't know what happens tomorrow

02- Learn something you really like, and not something that you think is fun to study

03- Accept your flaws no matter how hard it is and how annoying it could be, and work on them to be fixed, and do not use them as excuses to get away from your problems

04- LOVE, LOVE and LOVE!

05- Make mistakes and learn from them,

06- Work hard on achieving YOUR DREAMS and not someone else's.

07- You are the master of your life, you choose what makes you happy

08- Don't go looking for Mr/Mrs. right, he/she will eventually come to you when you least expect it

09- Make friends along your way, because they will always be there for you

10- Nothing lasts forever

11- Know the difference between growing up and growing old

12- There are people that comes into your life from whom you will learn a lot, they will hurt you, but only to make you stronger

13- Be thankful

14- Never forget to smile and laugh

15- It's good to go away sometimes and be alone

16- Disney is not only for kids, you are allowed to watch Disney movies without being ashamed of yourself

17- Hate your job as much as you want, as long as you are good at it

18- Honesty is the key to success

19- No one has the right to judge you

20- Age is just a number

21- Your clothes and money don't make you who you are

22- You are the "I hope your kids will be as bad as you are and they will annoy the hell out of you", your grandparents used to say to your parents, and the sentence you heard as well once you reached "adulthood"

23- Traveling is a must at least once a year

24- A glass of wine, a DVD/a book are all you need to be happy

25- Sometimes you need to break the rules, but do it wisely

26- Not everything happens for a reason, sometimes things happen because you were too dumb to think straight, either from sadness or simply because you didn't give the situation enough thinking

27- Don't be afraid/ashamed to ask if you don't know or don't understand

and finally


Voila, here are 28 things I learned, there are a lot more, but these are the things I remembered.
I want to thank you all for the constant support.


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